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Camavinga’s Sunglasses Stir Controversy Amidst Nike-Adidas Rivalry

Camavinga found himself at the center of a social media storm when he had to remove a viral image featuring all players wearing his Nike sunglasses, exposing the ongoing “war” between Nike and Adidas.

Despite his affiliation with Nike, numerous Real Madrid players, sponsored by Adidas, led to the controversy.

The Real Madrid locker room, dominated by Adidas, enforces strict sponsorship rules as the club secures a substantial €120 million per season from its main sponsor.

According to contracts, players are prohibited from promoting rival brands within the locker room, leading to Camavinga’s deletion of the image.

The information is sourced from the Madrid-based sports website Relevo, and it is allegedly tied to the contractual obligations governing the players’ behavior.

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