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Chelsea legend John Terry reveals how love for club trumped Ferguson’s persuasion

Former Chelsea captain John Terry has unveiled Sir Alex Ferguson’s persistent attempts to lure him to Manchester United during his early career days.

Terry, renowned for his 22-year stint with Chelsea, disclosed that Ferguson made weekly calls to his home in a bid to sway him towards United. Despite the relentless pursuit and Ferguson’s fervent interest, Terry ultimately opted to stay loyal to Chelsea.

Speaking on William Hill’s podcast, “Up Front with Simon Jordan,” Terry shared his encounters, revealing, “I had Sir Alex Ferguson phoning my house every week to speak to me and my dad, checking that I was going to school and training correctly.”

Despite enticing offers from other top clubs like Arsenal, Terry’s affection for Chelsea prevailed. “Even with all that, when I walked into Chelsea I just knew it was the right club for me,” he reflected. “I felt like it was my home, like when you walk into a house and just feel you belong there for the next 20 years.”

Terry expressed gratitude towards Jose Mourinho for their successful collaboration at Chelsea, where they clinched three Premier League titles. He defended Mourinho’s tenure at Manchester United, citing their triumphs in the Europa League and League Cup.

“I would look at his time at Manchester United as being a successful one, compared to where they’ve been,” Terry asserted. “When you see the press conferences of him talking about how he won three Premier Leagues and all the other managers won two, I think he’s spot on with what he said.

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