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Cristiano Ronaldo beats Juventus in court

In a significant legal victory, Cristiano Ronaldo has emerged victorious in a case against Italian Serie A club Juventus following a wage dispute.
The recent ruling has ordered Juventus to pay €19.5 million for unpaid wages owed to Ronaldo during his time at the club.

Ronaldo’s legal representatives John Shehata, Emanuele Guastalla, and Fabio Iudica represented the football star in the legal battle which marks a significant win for the Portuguese intrnational.

The court decision obligates Juventus to fulfill their financial obligations to Cristiano Ronaldo by compensating him for the €19.5 million owed in wages. The dispute stemmed from Juventus’ failure to honor deferred monthly payments during the lockdown period, which the club neglected to rectify by compensating Ronaldo.

Additional reports indicate that Juventus did not allocate a budget for this payment, anticipating a favorable outcome in the case.

Moreover, the ruling sets a crucial precedent for respecting players’ financial entitlements within the industry, establishing a standard for safeguarding players’ rights.

Additionally, this legal victory may have implications for other players, such as Paulo Dybala, who have similar disputes with the club.

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