Cristiano Ronaldo sends shockwaves down the stock market; G.O.A.T influencer? Euro 2020 | Nigeria sports news, transfers & gossips
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Cristiano Ronaldo sends shockwaves down the stock market; G.O.A.T influencer?

Crashes Coca Cola stock price within seconds

Cristiano Ronaldo has come under the spotlight for an action that may have reportedly resulted in a loss of $4 billion in value of the Coca Cola company following his actions at the pre-match press conference before Portugal’s opening Group F fixture against Hungary.

On getting to the press conference, Ronaldo spotted two bottles of Coca Cola on the table in front of him and moved the notes aside before bringing out a bottle of water and raising it, saying “Agua”, which is Portuguese for water, while facing the cameras.

The 36-year-old is known for his great fitness and dislike for soda and junk food, as he has publicly complained about his son Cristiano Jr not being able to resist taking a Coke or a Fanta or Chips and Fries sometimes, an action he claims gets him annoyed.

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By the end of the press conference, the share price of Coca Cola had nosedived from 56.10 dollars per share to 55.22 dollars per share. It was also reported that the company’s total value dropped by 1.6%, from $242 billion to $238 billion after Ronaldo’s actions.

It is unclear how UEFA and the Coca Cola company will react to this, seeing that Coca Cola has been a sponsor of the UEFA European Championship since 1988, and such negative PR can do them no good.

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