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Demba Ba is unrecognizable in new looks as he returns with stylish haircut

Demba Ba has thrown fans into a frenzy with his latest look after appearing on TV for the first time in a while.

The Senegalese striker who recently quit playing football three months into his FC Lugano contract in September 2021 is back in the news again.

Demba Ba was involved in a brawl in a champions league game in 2020 between then Turkish champions İstanbul Başakşehir and French Champions PSG.

According to Ba, he overheard Romanian referee Sebastian Coltescu calling Bakashir Cameroonian assisting coach, Pierre Webo, a “negro.”

In reaction to this, both teams’ players walked off the pitch together to protest the referee.

But the referee called and apologized for his choice of words, “the referee, Sebastian Coltescu, called and said that he is not a racist man. He apologized for what happened,” said Ba.

This episode is now and the past and everyone has moved on and they have moved on very well especially seeing Demba Ba’s new look.

The former Chelsea striker looks stylish today during a punditory role, this is a total contrast to the ‘baldie’ looks he had while playing active football.

Demba Ba old look
Demba Ba new look

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