Deontay Wilder suffers career setback in Riyadh

In a highly anticipated heavyweight bout in Riyadh, Zhilei Zhang delivered a stunning fifth-round knockout to Deontay Wilder with a powerful right hook, marking a significant setback to Wilder’s boxing career.

From the outset, Zhang appeared to dominate the fight. In the second round, he landed a substantial right hook that seemed to unsettle Wilder. Building on this momentum, Zhang maintained constant pressure on his American opponent in the third round, effectively neutralizing Wilder’s notorious right hand, known for its knockout power.

Wilder, nicknamed the “Bronze Bomber,” attempted to rally in the fourth round, visibly trying to psych himself up by pounding his chest. Despite his efforts, he struggled to connect with significant punches.

The decisive moment came in the fifth round. Zhang delivered a powerful right hand that sent Wilder reeling. Seizing the opportunity, Zhang followed up with a devastating blow that sent Wilder crashing to the canvas, concluding the match.

This victory was a remarkable achievement for Zhang and a highlight for Frank Warren’s Queensbury promotion, who swept the event over Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing. The win cements Zhang’s status as a formidable contender in the heavyweight division and marks a significant setback for Wilder, who has long been a prominent figure in the sport.

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