Everything That Happened at the Tyson Fury v Dillan Whyte Fight

Everything That Happened at the Tyson Fury v Dillan Whyte Fight

Well, the biggest boxing match of the year is over. The Gypsy King, Tyson Fury, and The Bodysnatcher, Dillian Whyte, met in Wembley for a fight that even the most casual of boxing fans have been waiting for all year.

And what a fight it was. As the two entered the ring, Whyte with his trademark stone-cold terror, and Fury brought the load pageantry in a 4-minute ring walk with songs like Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire and Notorious B.I.G.’s Juicy, because subtlety isn’t his strong suit, viewers knew they were in for a good time for this WBS world heavyweight title.

We’re breaking down all the best bits of the Fury/Whyte fight night at Wembley. Read on for all the details.


The unbridled rivalry

The classic story of friends turned rivals, The Bodysnatcher, Dillian Whyte, has a long history with Fury. The initial fallout came in 2018 when Fury got a chance at the WBC title rather than Whyte. A few months passed, the press got involved, and before you know it the two of them were battling. They were fighting on Twitter, they were fighting on Instagram posts. As the war of words heated up people wondered how this would play out in the ring, probably with some visits to speculative sports betting online sites to get the best odds for the fight. 

And you could see this rivalry in the ring. The ref had a hard time keeping things relatively civil in the 4th round, as things got scrappy, but after a stern warning, the two began to find their footing and their targets.

The knockout punch

Despite the famed backfat of Fury, carefully sustained with 14 Fosters, according to his own Instagram, Fury’s other talent is his speed. And this was ultimately Whyte’s downfall as he kept a pathetic left arm open for Fury to keep jabbing at in quick succession.

But it was the 6th round where things got interesting. Tyson finished the job with an uppercut to the face, and Whyte was suddenly reeling to the floor, flat on his back. Fury had to give him a light tap to make sure he didn’t just sway and crumple on the spot. Someone might as well have yelled “Timber!”.

Fair play to Whyte, he got back up, insisting on carrying on, eventually, but the ref wasn’t having it and sent Whyte to his bed for some recuperation – or at least away from Fury’s gloves.

Fury’s American Pie rendition

In a moment that could only come from a Tyson Fury match, there was a rendition of American Pie sung the second he was handed a mic. A celebratory moment, for sure, that instead caused a few giggles since Don McLean, Fury is not. Nor American so…

We have to assume that this was in fact a reference to the “Bye-bye” aspect of the song since Fury has since further hinted at saying goodbye to the sport.

The end for Fury?

In his post-fight interviews, The Gypsy King made a reference to perhaps hanging up his crown, telling reporters that he was going to retire undefeated. The only second heavyweight in history after Rocky Marciano to do so. An impressive feat considering Marciano left the sport in 1955.

Of course, no one believes him. There are speculations, from his own people on the BBC news saying that Fury might like the idea now, but as the offers start coming in after such a match he’s likely to see dollar signs in his eyes and take up the sport once again.

And who can blame him? Fury has proven that he can come back bigger, better, and harder, than before. This latest stint in boxing started with a weigh-in that saw the 33-year-old sporting a potbelly that then had to be carefully sculpted back into… well, not abs but close enough.

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