Kudus dedicates superb free-kick goal to Late Christian Atsu

Ajax forward Kudus Mohammed dedicated his superb free-kick goal for Ajax to deceased compatriot Christian Atsu.

Atsu was confirmed dead following a devastating earthquake which struck parts of Turkey on Monday, February 6, 2023.

After days of search, Ghana’s Christian Atsu was announced dead on February 18, after his body was found under the rubble.

News of the footballers death has rocked the football world and so it was no surprise when Kudus Mohammed pulled up his shirt to reveal an under-shirt with the caption R.I.P ATSU.

Kudus Mohammed ATSU tribute
Kudus Mohammed Christian Atsu tribute at the Johan Cruyff Arena on Sunday.

An emotional moment it was for 22-year old Kudus. According to the rules, Kudus was supposed to receive a yellow card but referee Pol van Boekel opted not to book him.

Eventually, Ajax were 4-0 victors of Sparta Rotherdam at the Johan Cruyff Arena on Sunday evening.

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