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Kylian Mbappe and his love-life: History

PSG’s departing star forward, Kylian Mbappe, is renowned for his prowess on the football pitch. But beyond his sporting achievements, the 25-year-old often finds himself in the spotlight for his personal life, especially his romantic relationships. Let’s delve into Mbappe’s dating history:

Emma Smet: Mbappe was once linked with French actress Emma Smet after they were spotted together at the Parc des Princes. Although they never confirmed their relationship, speculation arose from their public appearances.

Alicia Aylies: During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, rumours swirled about Mbappe and French singer and former Miss France, Alicia Aylies. However, little was known about their relationship, and Aylies later stated she was focusing on herself, suggesting a split.

Stella Maxwell: Mbappe was rumored to be dating former Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell after they attended a charity event together. Despite photos of them together, no official confirmation of their relationship surfaced.

Georgia May Heath: Following the Euros in 2021, Mbappe was spotted holidaying with Austrian model and TikTok star Georgia May Heath in Mykonos. Despite speculation, their relationship status remained unconfirmed.

Ines Rau: Reports emerged in 2021 linking Mbappe with French model Ines Rau, the first transgender model for Playboy. They were seen together at various events, but their relationship reportedly ended earlier this year.

Stephanie Rose Bertram: Rumours briefly linked Mbappe with Belgian model Stephanie Rose Bertram, but these were debunked by media outlets.

Lauren Blake Boultier: Most recently, Mbappe was rumored to be involved with Paris-based model Lauren Blake Boultier. While they engage on social media, Mbappe hasn’t confirmed any relationship publicly.

While Mbappe’s romantic life often makes headlines, he prefers to keep it private. As of now, there’s no confirmed relationship for the French superstar.

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