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Luis Enrique defends substituting frustrated Mbappe during PSG’s clash with Marseille

In a recent showdown between Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Marseille, star forward Kylian Mbappe found himself substituted, sparking visible frustration from the 25-year-old.

Mbappe’s discontent was evident through eye rolls and head shakes upon seeing his number on the substitution board in the 64th minute of the match.

Manager Luis Enrique wasted no time addressing the matter during his post-match interview following PSG’s 2-0 victory, where goals from Vitinha and Goncalo Ramos sealed the deal after Mbappe’s substitution. Enrique defended his decision amidst the French forward’s frustration, emphasizing his role as the manager responsible for making decisions for the team.

“It’s the same music every single week, the same music… it’s so boring,” Enrique expressed to Prime Video, as reported by the Sun. “I am the manager, I make the decisions every day, every week. I am going to do the same until my last day in Paris.”

Enrique’s response garnered mixed reactions from fans on social media platforms, with opinions divided over Mbappe’s reaction and the manager’s handling of the situation. While some applauded Enrique’s assertion of authority, others criticized PSG’s lack of control over its players, particularly Mbappe.

Mbappe’s future at PSG remains uncertain as he approaches the end of his contract, with Real Madrid emerging as the frontrunner in the race to secure his signature. As speculation surrounding Mbappe’s next move continues, his recent substitution and subsequent reaction add fuel to the ongoing debate over his tenure at PSG.

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