Mahomes Magic Powers Kansas City Chiefs to 2024 Super Bowl Glory he claims his third finals MVP award

Patrick Mahomes brilliance led the Kansas City Chiefs to their third Super Bowl victory in five seasons, securing a thrilling 25-22 overtime win against the San Francisco 49ers.

Mahomes’ walk-off touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman marked the end of an intense battle and solidified the Chiefs’ status as back-to-back champions.

The Super Bowl triumph adds another chapter to Mahomes’ remarkable career, with the star quarterback completing 34 of 46 passes for 333 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception.

Mahomes showcased his clutch performance by orchestrating a game-tying drive at the end of regulation and sealing the victory with a game-winning drive in overtime.

Notably, he earned two critical first downs with his exceptional footwork, including a crucial run on fourth-and-1 that kept the Chiefs’ hopes alive.

This victory not only secures the Chiefs’ place as champions but also marks their second Super Bowl win over the 49ers, following their triumph after the 2019 season.

Mahomes’ outstanding efforts in the game earned him his third Super Bowl MVP trophy, cementing his legacy as one of the game’s brightest stars.

Full list of all past Super Bowl winners by year

1967: Green Bay Packers def. Kansas City Chiefs 35-10
1968: Green Bay Packers def. Oakland Raiders 33-14
1969: New York Jets def. Baltimore Colts 16-7 — This was the first championship game to officially be called the Super Bowl
1970: Kansas City Chiefs def. Minnesota Vikings 23-7
1971: Baltimore Colts def. Dallas Cowboys 16-13 — This was the first Super Bowl following the merger of the AFL and NFL into one league.
1972: Dallas Cowboys def. Miami Dolphins 24-3
1973: Miami Dolphins def. Washington 14-7 — This completed the only undefeated season in NFL history.
1974: Miami Dolphins def. Minnesota Vikings 24-7
1975: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Minnesota Vikings 16-6
1976: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys 21-17 — Scenes from the 1977 thriller “Black Sunday” were filmed during pregame and toward the end of the actual game.
1977: Oakland Raiders def. Minnesota Vikings 32-14
1978: Dallas Cowboys def. Denver Broncos 27-10
1979: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys 35-31
1980: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Los Angeles Rams 31-19
1981: Oakland Raiders def. Philadelphia Eagles 27-10
1982: San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals 26-21
1983: Washington def. Miami Dolphins 27-17
1984: Los Angeles Raiders def. Washington 38-9
1985: San Francisco 49ers def. Miami Dolphins 38-16
1986: Chicago Bears def. New England Patriots 46-10
1987: New York Giants def. Denver Broncos 39-20
1988: Washington def. Denver Broncos 42-10
1989: San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals 20-16
1990: San Francisco 49ers def. Denver Broncos 55-10
1991: New York Giants def. Buffalo Bills 20-19
1992: Washington def. Buffalo Bills 37-24
1993: Dallas Cowboys def. Buffalo Bills 52-17
1994: Dallas Cowboys def. Buffalo Bills 30-13
1995: San Francisco 49ers def. San Diego Chargers 49-26
1996: Dallas Cowboys def. Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17
1997: Green Bay Packers def. New England Patriots 35-21
1998: Denver Broncos def. Green Bay Packers 31-24
1999: Denver Broncos def. Atlanta Falcons 34-19
2000: St. Louis Rams def. Tennessee Titans 23-16
2001: Baltimore Ravens def. New York Giants 34-7
2002: New England Patriots def. St. Louis Rams 20-17
2003: Tampa Bay Buccaneers def. Oakland Raiders 48-21
2004: New England Patriots def. Caroline Panthers 32-29
2005: New England Patriots def. Philadelphia Eagles 24-21
2006: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Seattle Seahawks 21-10
2007: Indianapolis Colts def. Chicago Bears 29-17
2008: New York Giants def. New England Patriots 17-14
2009: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Arizona Cardinals 27-23
2010: New Orleans Saints def. Indianapolis Colts 31-17
2011: Green Bay Packers def. Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25
2012: New York Giants def. New England Patriots 21-17
2013: Baltimore Ravens def. San Francisco 49ers 34-31
2014: Seattle Seahawks def. Denver Broncos 43-8
2015: New England Patriots def. Seattle Seahawks 28-24
2016: Denver Broncos def. Carolina Panthers 24-10
2017: New England Patriots def. Atlanta Falcons 34-28
2018: Philadelphia Eagles def. New England Patriots 41-33
2019: New England Patriots def. Los Angeles Rams 13-3
2020: Kansas City Chiefs def. San Francisco 49ers 31-20
2021: Tampa Bay Buccaneers def. Kansas City Chiefs 31-9
2022: Los Angeles Rams def. Cincinnati Bengals 23-20
2023: Kansas City Chiefs def. Philadelphia Eagles 38-35
2024: Kansas City Chiefs def. San Francisco 49ers 25-22

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