Messi lists what will make him play another World Cup

Argentina captain Lionel Messi has hinted at the possibility of competing in the 2026 World Cup, despite being 39 years old when the tournament takes place.

Messi, who led Argentina to their third World Cup title in Qatar in 2022, had previously announced that it would be his last World Cup. However, he is now reconsidering his stance.

Speaking to Infobae’s Pollo Alvarez, Messi explained that his decision to play in the 2026 World Cup, hosted by the USA, Mexico, and Canada, will depend on how he feels physically and mentally closer to the time.

“It depends on how I feel, how I am physically, and being realistic with myself,” Messi said. “There’s still a lot of time left… in quotes, ‘a lot and a little,’ because it goes by quickly, but there is still some time and I don’t know how I will be at that moment.”

Messi acknowledged the impact of age on his performance, noting that the matches he plays now are not the same as those he played when he was in Europe, competing frequently in the Champions League and domestic leagues in France and Spain.

“But it depends on how I feel and what I feel being alongside my teammates, and seeing if I am still up to the level or not. Let’s see!” Messi concluded.

Meanwhile, Messi has also shared insights on how he deals with opponents trying to disrupt his game, revealing that he copes by ignoring their attempts to unsettle him.

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