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Mikel Obi’s transfer saga: A historic football controversy

Former Chelsea star John Obi Mikel recently posed with legendary Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson, 18 years after a highly publicized transfer saga.

This controversy began in 2005 when Mikel, then a rising star from Nigeria, was announced as a Manchester United player. United had struck a deal with Norwegian club Lyn Oslo, and Mikel was even photographed in a United shirt at a press conference.

However, Chelsea intervened, claiming they had an agreement with Mikel and had been instrumental in his move to Europe with plans to sign him. This intervention led to a complex situation. Chelsea’s owner, Roman Abramovich, and the club’s management were reportedly unhappy with the development and quickly acted to rectify it.

Mikel was whisked away to London by his agents, and a standoff ensued, with the player caught between two of England’s biggest clubs. The tension culminated in Mikel declaring that he had been pressured into signing for United and preferred to join Chelsea. This forced FIFA to step in and mediate the dispute. Mikel was temporarily unable to play for either club while the situation was resolved.

In the end, a financial settlement was reached. Chelsea paid Manchester United £12 million and Lyn Oslo £4 million to secure Mikel’s transfer. This resolution allowed Mikel to officially join Chelsea, where he went on to have a successful career, winning numerous domestic and international titles.

Reflecting on the incident, Mikel recalled a tense meeting with Sir Alex Ferguson, who tried to persuade him to honor his commitment to United. Despite Ferguson’s efforts, Mikel remained firm in his decision to join Chelsea, driven by the desire to be part of a team where he felt he could make a significant impact and create his own legacy.

“I did the press conference and it was everywhere. Then obviously Roman [Abramovich], everybody at Chelsea saw it and they were like, ‘What’s going on here? We’ve been looking at this player for two or three years now, what’s happening here?'” Mikel said.

He also described an intense meeting with Ferguson: “It was just me and him in a room, yeah that was feisty that. I had my agent sitting outside and he was like, ‘When you go into this meeting, because he’s going to try to brainwash, everything he says, just make sure you say no.'”

“He was like, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to play for United, the biggest club in the world?’ He’s like, ‘What is it you want, do you want more money? What is it you want, I’ll give it to you.’ I was like, ‘Sorry boss, I can’t play for United, I want to go to Chelsea.’ So we had about 20 or 30 minutes in the room and he walked off and then that was it.”

This transfer saga is remembered as one of the most dramatic in football history, highlighting the fierce competition between top clubs for emerging talent and the complex dynamics of player transfers in the modern game.


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