Mohamed Salah reveals if he will follow Jurgen Klopp out of Liverpool this summer

Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah has always attracted interest from other clubs during the transfer window, and so will again be linked with a move away, this time with more intense speculation as Jurgen Klopp prepares to leave.

The Egyptian king has reassured Liverpool fans of his unwavering commitment to the club despite the impending departure of manager Jurgen Klopp.

Amidst swirling rumors suggesting a potential exit, Salah dispels any doubts about his allegiance to Liverpool, pointing out his enduring dedication to the team.

In a recent interview with Jamie Carragher, Salah firmly states that Klopp’s exit will not sway his decision regarding his future at Liverpool.

He acknowledges the inevitability of changes in football, noting the departure of key players and managers as part of the sport’s dynamic nature.

Salah said he his focused on the present and determined to contribute to Liverpool’s ongoing chase for success in multiple fronts, regardless of managerial transitions.

While acknowledging the transient nature of football careers, Salah hints at his desire to continue his journey with Liverpool, suggesting a willingness to explore contract extension possibilities.

“No, no,” Salah responds when asked if Klopp’s exit will influence his future at Liverpool as quoted by the Liverpool Echo. “It’s life. It’s part of life now, everything moves. Players left the club already, very important players left the club.

“The manager is also very important for the club, but he’s leaving the club. One day I will leave the club, but no [Klopp leaving won’t affect my future],” the Egyptian remarked.

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