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Neymar faces criticism for supporting ‘guilty’ Dani Alves

Brazilian government officials are upset with Neymar, for helping his old teammate Dani Alves after he was found guilty of a serious crime. SportsRation reports.

Alves got a punishment of four and a half years in prison, plus five more years of being watched closely, and a nine-year order to stay away from the victim. He also had to pay €150k to the victim. This decision was made on Thursday, February 22, 2024 and has made people feel different ways.

The prosecutors wanted Alves to go to jail for nine years, and the victim wanted him to go for 12 years. But the judge gave him almost the least possible, which is four years.

The judge thought that the money Alves paid to the victim was fair and there’s a chance Alves could get out of jail later this year.

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That verdict and the role Neymar Jr. played in getting a milder sentence for his former teammate do not sit well with government officials in their native Brazil.

At least two women have spoken out, saying their countryman, Dani Alves deserved harder punishment for committing such a crime.

As reported by Sport, Brazilian Minister for Women Cida Goncalves criticized the sentence as ‘soft’ for what she tagged ‘such an atrocity.

President of the Worker’s Party, said Neymar’s family gave money to help Alves, which made the punishment less. She thinks this doesn’t really help the victim and makes her worry about fairness in the justice system.

Hoffman said: “The conviction of the rapist Daniel Alves is pedagogical and exemplary, it shows that society no longer tolerates sexist and misogynistic behavior. The absurd thing was that he borrowed money from Neymar, paid the compensation and reduced the sentence, something that does not solve anything for the victim, it does not erase their suffering.”

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