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NFF may sanction Victor Osimhen over Finidi George outburst

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is considering disciplinary action against Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen for improper conduct following his verbal attack on former national team coach Finidi George.

This comes after Osimhen’s public outburst in response to reports that Finidi had questioned his commitment to the team.

According to OWNGOAL, NFF President Ibrahim Musa Gusau has spoken with Osimhen regarding his outburst, and Finidi has also tried to reach out to the player. However, Osimhen has yet to retract his statements or apologize.

A board member of the NFF explained to OwnGoal.Nigeria that the reports Osimhen reacted to were fake and misleading, and that Osimhen should have verified the information before responding.

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“Already, the president of the NFF, Ibrahim Musa Gusau, has spoken with Osimhen over his outburst, and Finidi also reached out to him. The report he reacted to is fake and misleading; sadly, he didn’t confirm before reacting,” said the NFF board member.

The NFF is considering using Osimhen’s situation to set an example for the team, stressing that such behavior will not be tolerated.

“Osimhen is a role model, and the only way we can help the incoming coach stamp his authority is by using him to set an example. He crossed the line with his outburst, even when Finidi called him to explain. He still didn’t deem it fit to retract his statements. We won’t condone that, and after the Salah break, we will sit on the issue. I can tell you he won’t be in the team until he says sorry for his actions,” the board member concluded.

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