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NFF VS Randy Waldrum: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

The Nigeria Football Federation – NFF and Super Falcons Head Coach Randy Waldrum are currently at loggerheads. SportsRation correspondent Caretaker takes a look at the Good, Bad and the Ugly consequences of the ongoing disagreement.


With few days to the Super Falcons scheduled departure for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the team’s Head Coach Randy Waldrum in an interview with John Krysinsky on a soccer podcast, accused the Nigeria Football Federation – NFF of actions capable of frustrating his plans for the tournament.

In that interview, Waldrum narrated how players boycotted training ahead of the match against Zambia due to non-payment after the loss in Morocco (WAFCON), and how goalkeeper Tochukwu Oluehi was punished for speaking out over the owed bonuses.

Waldrum also disclosed the NFF’s demand for him to select a goalkeeper he had never observed or trained with, which he staunchly refused, alluding same as reason the Federation has decided he goes to the World Cup without his assistant coach, Lauren Gregg.

In swift reaction to the allegation, the NFF through its spokesperson accused Waldrum of being ridiculous with his outsburt, while providing it’s own side of the story .

The NFF denied accusations of interfering with Waldrum’s team selection, instead blasting the gaffer of deficiency in his choices with example, the failure to invite Ngozi Okobi and Regina Otu despite the knowledge that Rasheedat Ajibade and Halimat Ayinde will be unavailable for the opening game vs Canada.

On forcing a goalkeeper on Waldrum, the NFF said it was a deliberate attempt to groom another home-based goalkeeper in the same way current first choice goalkeeper Chiamaka Nnadozie was produced.

The Federation specifically faulted the consistent invitation of Yewande Balogun who has only played in one game in two years with the Super Falcons.


The ugly side of the NFF-WALDRUM war of words is that it has come with less than a month to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Asking if this will impact on the teams final preparation, mood in camp and the teams chances of rare success at the mundial is all – YES.

No house divided against itself can stand. Therefore it is a ugly situation for this conflict to arise at this time.

Maybe if Waldrum heeds the NFF’s charge to ‘ simply concentrate on the task at hand ‘ there could be chance for a United Nigerian front at the Australia and New Zealand hosted World Cup.


The bad, spotted in the ongoing NFF-WALDRUM war in the opinion of this writer is listed thus:

– Randy Waldrum’s timing for the outburst was bad.

Infact, considering he mentioned issues from the last WAFCON, there was enough time for this Randy-rant but he decided to keep mute and so should have kept the boat intact ahead of the World Cup.

– The NFF’s idea of bringing a home-based goalkeeper was not a bad idea.

That the Federation did not insist on the choice makes the mention by Waldrum a bad choice.

It is with the Football Federation’s right to make suggestions through the technical department which they so exercised and the Head Coach also within his right stuck to his choice. There was no reason for him to cast the NFF in bad light in this regard.

– For the NFF, it was bad light to wait for the players protest before discussion on the payment of their bonuses and other entitlements at the Women’s Cup of Nations.

A labourer deserves his wages however in special circumstances like the lack of funds, there should be a ego-friendly communication between both parties on how the debt will be cleared.

Let’s not ask if there is understanding per bonuses at the World Cup, hopefully the NFF looks ready to go.


For me, it is good news that Nigerians are put in light of the challenges facing the World Cup bound Super Falcons.

That way, expectations will be kept at the barest minimum to guard against heart-break if the team flounders against already challenging opposition Canada and Australia in group A.


The Falcons will be hosted to a farewell dinner tomorrow, let’s just hope the situation doesn’t reach breaking point so the team travels to Australia in one accord.

What do you think?

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