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Nigerian Chess master Tunde Onakoya sets new world record for longest Chess marathon

In a remarkable display of endurance and determination, Nigerian chess master Tunde Onakoya has shattered the world record for the longest continuous chess marathon.

Onakoya achieved this extraordinary feat by playing chess non-stop for an astonishing 58 hours in the bustling heart of New York City’s Times Square, surpassing the previous record.

Throughout the marathon session, the 30-year-old grandmaster, ranked 25,863rd globally by the International Chess Federation, remained undefeated, showcasing his exceptional skills and unwavering focus.

Onakoya’s monumental accomplishment goes beyond personal achievement; it serves as a platform for his philanthropic endeavors.

With a goal of raising $1 million, Onakoya aims to make a transformative impact on the lives of children in Nigeria, particularly those facing socio-economic challenges.

Through initiatives like Chess in Slums, Onakoya has been instrumental in providing underprivileged youth with access to chess, empowering them with valuable skills and opportunities for personal growth.

Despite his modest world ranking, Onakoya’s dedication to using chess as a tool for social change has earned him widespread recognition and admiration within the global chess community.

Now, with the world record secured, Onakoya sets his sights on reaching his ambitious fundraising target, believing that the funds raised will bring about positive and lasting change for disadvantaged children across Nigeria.

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