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Nigerian Chess star’s Parents receive new home gift

Following his record breaking feat, Nigerian Chess star. Tunde Onakoya is celebrating a big win off the board as his parents receive a special gift.

Onakoya, known for his extraordinary chess skills and for founding Chess In Slum, shared the news of his parents’ new house on social media, calling it the “greatest thing anyone will ever do” for him.

The 30-year-old chess master recently set a world record for playing chess continuously without losing. Now, he’s expressing his immense gratitude for a life-changing gesture towards his family.

“Someone gifted my parents a new house today. It’s the greatest thing anyone will ever do for me in this lifetime. Thank you,” Onakoya posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Growing up in tough circumstances, Onakoya’s mother worked as a cleaner at his school to support his education, while his father drove a Danfo bus to make ends meet for the family.

“My greatest joy in life is to be able to give them both the life they truly deserve,” Onakoya said, showing his heartfelt desire to improve his parents’ lives after years of struggle.

This generous gift follows Onakoya’s recent achievement of playing chess for 60 hours straight, aiming to raise $1 million to help children in Nigeria.

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