No conflict with Djokovic over doping views – Murray

Andy Murray is adamant a difference of opinion with Novak Djokovic regarding doping in tennis has not affected his relationship with the Serbian.

Two-time grand slam champion Murray spoke to the Mail on Sunday this month and expressed suspicions that opponents of his may have been guilty of doping, while calling for more money to be invested into combating the issue.

However, his comments were met with criticism by Djokovic’s coach Boris Becker, who stated: “All the top guys, I know for a fact, get tested a lot. Everybody is clean and so we can’t spread rumours.”

Djokovic echoed Becker’s sentiments by saying: “I don’t share Andy’s concerns. As long as there is no proof that somebody is doping, the sport is clean.”

Murray, speaking to STV at the launch of a new charity event ‘Andy Murray Live’, insists he has no problem with Djokovic over the topic.

“I’ve spoken to Boris and Novak and we’re all good,” said the Briton. “I’m practising with Novak next week in Madrid.

“It’s a topic that’s always difficult for athletes to discuss these days but we have to try and do our best to maintain as clean a sport as possible.

“All I want is to try and make sure tennis is as clean a sport as possible, it’s very difficult to keep a sport that way these days.

“The interview that I gave, I’ve seen the full transcript of what I said and I think it was a fair thing to say. There have been a few issues in tennis over the 10-12 years I’ve been on the tour.”

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