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NPFL All-Star ready to follow Valencia enta one trouser for La Liga Tour

Naija Professional Football League (NPFL) team wey dey for Spain for de Carranza Tournament go follow Valencia enta one trouser on Wednesday night (8:30pm Naija time) for play-play match.

De NPFL All-Star players go like show dia sabiness for de match to take impress Naija pipu and even som scouts wey go dey dia dey find players for dia European clubs.

Valencia bin lose 3-1 to Crystal Palace for de last play-play match wey dem tap and dem go wan win by force dis time.

Afta de match de NPFL All-Star go follow Malaga play for de Carranza Tournament on Friday. And dem fit follow Atletico Madrid enta one trouser for final if dem fit beat Malaga.

Atletico Madrid go follow Cadiz CF play for dia own semi final..


Photo credit: NPFL.ng

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