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‘ People see us as a bank because of my brother David Alaba ‘ – Rose Alaba laments

Rose May Alaba, the talented sister of Real Madrid defender David Alaba, recently shared her experiences grappling with the challenges associated with her family name.

In a candid interview with 88.5 UFM, the Austrian-Nigerian singer revealed the struggles she faces in finding genuine supporters who believe in her vision, largely due to her family background.

Rose May Alaba disclosed that many people perceive her family members, particularly her brother David Alaba, as cash cows because of his status as a football star and one of the highest-paid players at Real Madrid.

Rose Alaba
Rose Alaba

She lamented that this perception often leads others to view them as sources of wealth, assuming that they have endless financial resources at their disposal.

However, she emphasised that this is far from reality and that genuine support for her endeavors is hard to come by.

Rose said: “To be honest, the hustle is real. Everybody wants to make money. And I feel like once you hear my last name because it’s connected to a big soccer player which is my brother [David Alaba], they see us as a bank or something. They think we grow trees with money in our backyard. But that’s not the case.

“I feel like It’s hard to find genuine people who see the vision. And I feel like you always have to believe in yourself first for them to actually help you.”

Born in Vienna, Austria, to a Nigerian father and a Filipino mother, Rose May Alaba and David Alaba hail from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Despite their European upbringing, Rose May’s music is deeply rooted in Afrobeats, reflecting her Nigerian heritage. Her musical journey gained recognition with her 2016 single “Love Me Right,” which topped the Austrian iTunes chart for over four weeks.

Additionally, she represented Austria at the 2017 Europa Music Contest and performed the theme song for the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games held in Austria.

Despite the hurdles she faces, Rose May Alaba remains determined to pursue her passion for music and carve out her own path in the industry.

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