At what Point was Mats Hummels a Traitor?

At what Point was Mats Hummels a Traitor?

Borussia Dortmund officials confirmed yesterday that Mats Hummels tendered a transfer request stating his desire to join their direct rivals, Bayern Munich and everyone has been giving their opinions about the news, others labelled him a traitor.

The question we need to ask ourselves is at what point did Mats Hummels became a traitor? When he joined Dortmund from Bayern Munich in 2009 or now that he wants to go back to Bayern from Dortmund?

If a player who joined Bayern Munich at age 6 and learnt almost all he knew about football at the club, joined a direct rivals Dortmund in search of regular football wants to go back to ‘where he began his career ‘ I don’t think we should call him names.

I have watched him played against Bayern Munich many times he gave his all, he played like his life depended on the ties and played like someone who hates The Bavarians.

Aside from the fact that he he can decide where he wants to be and how he wants to do it, at this point we should also question Borussia Dortmund’s way of handling players contract.

I remember before they lost Lewandowski on a free transfer to Bayern they could have made at least £28m if they had sold him to any of the foreign clubs who wanted him but they didn’t hoping he’ll sign a new contract with them.

Why do they always wait for the contracts of their star players to be less than a year before giving them new contracts?

I am sure you know that Mats Hummels’ contract expires on 30 June 2017 why didn’t they renew his contract before now?

We can argue and talk about how Bayern had taken their star players but we also need to talk about how Borussia Dortmund had made it way too easy for their fierce rivals to take their star men.

They don’t tie them down on a long term contract, or put an exit clause on their star men there by making it very easy for them to be fielders team to Bayern Munich.

As for Mats Hummels, if people are calling him a traitor for wanting to go back to Bayern where he started his career, I think they should also blame him for joining Dortmund from Bayern.

I believe everyone has a right to choose and Mats Hummels is not any different regardless of his position at his present club. Besides, who doesn’t want to join the winning team?

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Tope Adefala

Tope Adefala is an experienced sports writer, editor, and web designer. A former editor at Talks sports with a great bias toward Basketball, Tennis, Field Hockey, and Football. Former media officer of Nigeria Hockey Federation. I have been in the business of Sports communication and marketing for more than 10 years. Not forgetting that I won the West African University Games, and the Nigeria University Games gold medals. You can find me on Twitter @1topham.

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Fuck Bayern
Fuck Bayern
6 years ago

I don’t care what your reason is. You don’t go to your BIGGEST rival. Lewandowksi is a traitor as much as Gotze and Hummels. Literally could’ve gone to any other team but they decide to hurt the Bundesliga and Dortmund further by going to their biggest rivals. Once again, I don’t care if you “served out your contract” or “played faithfully” you betray not only the fans, but your entire team by transferring to a rival.

6 years ago
Reply to  Fuck Bayern

You are very correct, but the writer was wondering when exactly he should be called a traitor…….when he left Bayern Munich for Dortmund or now that he wants to leave Dortmund for Bayern Munich

6 years ago

For me I go with the writer, I don’t see any harm in a player going back to where he started his career. I think it is welcomed. Yes Bayern has wrecked their direct rivals signing Lucio, Ballack, Ze Roberto from Leverksen and now Lewan, Goetze from Dortmund. Hummel’s case is different He spent his entire life as a Bayern player and wants back he should be allowed.

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