Reds legends back Tuchel for dropping Lukaku for Chelsea-Liverpool clash

Liverpool greats have backed Thomas Tuchel’s decision to drop record buy striker Romelu Lukaku for Chelsea home game against their former team.

Chelsea who are going through a rough patch had their momentum further destroyed with the Romelu Lukaku interview with an Italian journo.

Lukaku clearly stated his regret joining Chelsea and his readiness to move back to Italy as soon as possible. The former Manchester United striker said a lot of unthinkable things about his current club.

Something Thomas Tuchel said was shocking to hear and would be handled internally.

“To speak out these things as a key player for us, who behaves like he is absolutely happy, that is a concern,” said Tuchel.

“We will, I will, not try to tell you that we are happy. At the moment it’s very hard to understand, it’s very surprising. I don’t know [on Lukaku complaints about the system]. It’s a surprise on many levels.”

Thomas Tuchel who had the options of playing Lukaku and risking being disrespected or ignore him to send a message he is the one in charge, took the later.

Lukaku has reportedly been dropped and Jamie Carragher and Michael Owen agreed with Thomas Tuchel’s decision.

“If reports are accurate, it’s a huge decision from Tuchel to leave Lukaku out of todays Chelsea squad,” said Owen

“But in the long term interests of the club, it’s a good one. No player is more important than the club and while being employed by someone, you can’t speak out like he has.”

Jamie Carragher also said it is easier for Chelsea to replace Romelu Lukaku but replacing a top class manager Like Thomas Tuchel would be difficult.

“I admire what Mikel Arteta’s done with Aubameyang, in some ways what Thomas Tuchel has done here,” said Carragher

“I actually think it may be easier to replace Lukaku than Thomas Tuchel, I think they’ve got a real top manager here.”

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