Reports from Germany about Havertz letting go of 10% compensation adds to the ‘Lampard pull’

Kai Havertz reportedly let go of 10% due him from the deals that took him from Bayer Leverkusen may have confirmed the Frank Lampard’s pull effect.

There have been arguments over the reason why Chelsea got their signings with ease, while the players mentioned Frank Lampard as part of their reasons for joining the London club, rival clubs fans said ‘money’ was the pull power.

Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner, Thiago Silva, Ben Chilwell and Kai Havertz all mentioned that Frank Lampard played a huge role in the decisions.

What Hakim Ziyech said about Frank Lampard’s impact on his decision to join Chelsea

“I’ve been in contact with him for a few weeks now,” Ziyech told Ajax’s official YouTube channel.

“At first, mainly by the phone. We had a few long conversations about his approach, the playing style, the club, about me personally.

“And later on we texted quite a lot. He told me he had been following me for a while. He gave me a good feeling and that was also big to do with the decision,” said Hakim Ziyech in February.

What Timo Werner said about Frank Lampard’s impact on his decision to join Chelsea

“He [Lampard] was the main point; we talked a lot about things like system, like how he wants to play and sees me playing, and how the system fits to me,” Werner told Chelsea’s official website.

“He is a really nice guy who not only told me what he wants from me as a player because he wants to help me as a guy. He knows me now a little bit better and it fits very good between us and now I am happy to be here,” said Timo Werner in July.

What Ben Chilwell said about Frank Lampard’s impact on his decision to join Chelsea

‘I am delighted to be joining Chelsea at this very exciting time for the club and the manager played a massive part in me signing here,’ said Chilwell.

‘I think every player wants to play for a huge club in their career and I’m no different, but talking to Frank before I signed really made up my mind that I wanted to come and play here.

‘He installed a lot of confidence in me, he told me about the system he wants to play, how I’d fit into that and he just seemed a really good guy that you could talk to about anything. It’s important to have that relationship and trust with a manager and he’s also very keen on young players being given a chance.

‘We’ve seen that over the past season under Frank, he does play the younger players if they are good enough and just from speaking to him, I’m really excited to be here and I can’t wait to get started.

‘He told me about the system and of course I watched and played against Chelsea over the season, so I know what I’m coming into. I think the way the gaffer sets his teams up is just perfect for me and suits my game perfectly. I just can’t wait to get started and hopefully there are many great years to come.’

What Kai Havertz said about Frank Lampard’s impact on his decision to join Chelsea

‘Of course he had a big impact on my decision because I loved him as a player and watched him very often, and I think I can learn from him now he is a manager as well, Havertz told Chelsea official websites in August.

“I think he is a very humble person and a great guy and I can’t wait to play with him and learn from him.

‘He was very offensive like me and he loves to score goals, and I love to score goals as well so I think he will help me a lot in my position. Also maybe on the things that I can improve and I can’t wait to work with him.’

Further reports from Germany have even taken the pull power to another level after Bild reported that Kai Havertz let got of his 10% compensation in other to complete his Chelsea move.

While the price quoted in the paper said he let go of £9 million being 10% of the total fee agreed of £90m as he only wanted a move to Chelsea.

The £90m fee reported in Germany is far from the £72m fee reported by media outlets in England but regardless of the fee, the 21-year-old reportedly let go of 10% sell-on clause on his deal.

Hence, there is something called Frank Lampard pull or power and it is not money.

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