Rivers Hoopers defeat US Monastir to end 2024 BAL first round on a high

Nigeria’s Rivers Hoopers emerged victorious against Tunisia’s US Monastir, concluding the initial round of the 2024 Basketball Africa League (BAL) with an impeccable record.

Despite being the 2022 BAL champions, US Monastir experienced a challenging start in this year’s tournament, suffering defeats in their first three games and ending the first round without a single win.

During their encounter with Rivers Hoopers, Monastir encountered difficulties in matching their opponent’s pace despite the efforts of their head coach, Mohamed Kirdani.

Despite making significant changes to their lineup and taking timeouts, Monastir struggled to keep up with the urgency and effectiveness displayed by the Nigerian team.

In contrast, Rivers Hoopers demonstrated their prowess right from the start. They commenced the tournament with a convincing 77-68 victory over AS Douanes.

Kelvin Amayo played a pivotal role in River Hoopers’ success, delivering an outstanding performance throughout the first round, securing victories in all three matches.

On Tuesday, May 7, Amayo’s scoring ability from various parts of the court posed a significant challenge for Monastir’s defense, as he recorded a game-high 27 points. His exceptional display, alongside contributions from players like Perry, Eke, and Olisemeka, propelled River Hoopers to triumph.

Maintaining an undefeated streak, River Hoopers emerged as the sole team in the 2024 Sahara Conference to conclude the first round without a loss. As the tournament progresses, all eyes will be on River Hoopers as they continue their pursuit of BAL glory.

Following a day of rest, the second round of the Sahara Conference will commence, featuring US Monastir against Rwanda’s APR and River Hoopers against hosts AS Douanes.

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