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Roger Federer amongst world’s most famous athletes

Roger Federer is 5th in ESPN’s ranking about the 100 most popular athletes in the world, built using an algorithm to combine earnings, followers on social media and Google searches.

The top 10 on that ranking features only two NBA players in LeBron James and Kevin Durant, leaving reigning Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry out.

Cristiano Ronaldo is number one amongst the athletes in the ranking.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Salary/earnings: 50 million Euros.

Sponsorships: 25 million Euros.

Likes on Facebook: 110.8 million.

Followers on Twitter: 40.8 million.

2. LeBron James

Salary/earnings: 21 million Euros.

Sponsorships: 40 million Euros.

Likes on Facebook: 22.4 million.

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Followers on Twitter: 29.6 million.

3. Lionel Messi

Salary/earnings: 49.5 million Euros

Sponsorships: 20 million Euros.

Likes on Facebook: 84.3 million.

Followers on Twitter: —

4. Neymar

Salary/earnings: 10 million Euros.

Sponsorships: 15 million Euros

Likes on Facebook: 56.4 million.

Followers on Twitter: 22.1 million.

5. Roger Federer

Salary/earnings: 7.9 million Euros

Sponsorships: 55 million Euros.

Likes on Facebook: 14.5 million.

Followers on Twitter: 4.7 million.

6. Kevin Durant

Salary/earnings: 18 million Euros.

Sponsorships: 32 million Euros.

Likes on Facebook: 10.1 million.

Followers on Twitter: 13.5 million.

7. Tiger Woods

Salary/earnings: 900,000 Euros

Sponsorships: 47 million Euros

Likes on Facebook: 3.1 million.

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Followers on Twitter: 5.7 million.

8. Virat Kohli

Salary/earnings: 6 million Euros

Sponsorships: 16 million Euros

Likes on Facebook: 28.3 million.

Followers on Twitter: 10.7 million.

9. James Rodriguez

Salary/earnings: 9.5 million Euros

Sponsorships: 4 million Euros

Likes on Facebook: 29.7 million

Followers on Twitter: 9.6 million

10. Rafael Nadal

Salary/earnings: 4.5 million Euros

Sponsorships: 26 million Euros

Likes on Facebook: 14.6 million

Followers on Twitter: 9.3 million


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