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Sabinus shines at the William Troost-Ekong Foundation Charity match in Uyo

Comedy star Sabinus stole the spotlight at the William Troost-Ekong Foundation charity match in Uyo, Nigeria, earning the affectionate nickname “new Messi” after an impressive recreation of the legendary footballer’s iconic goal-scoring pose.

The charity match, organized by Super Eagles captain and AFCON 2023 MVP William Troost-Ekong, featured a host of Nigerian celebrities. However, it was Sabinus, who came on as a second-half substitute, that captured everyone’s attention.

Sabinus’ moment of glory was perfectly captured by photojournalist Pooja. In a now-viral photo, Sabinus replicated Lionel Messi’s famous stance—left foot bent, eyes focused on the goal, body positioned for the perfect strike. The resemblance to the Barcelona legend was striking, leaving fans and fellow players in awe.

The internet was quick to react, with one excited social media user dubbing Sabinus “Old Messi, New Mess.” Another humorously noted, “Why Sabinus’ ball is still on the ground while Messi’s is in the air?” highlighting Sabinus’ impressive mimicry of the Argentine maestro.

Sabinus himself seemed delighted with the attention, posting on Instagram, “Which cameraman snapped this picture? You deserve a gift.” His post further fueled the excitement and admiration from fans.

The Sabinus goal

While Sabinus is renowned for his comedic talents, his performance at the charity match has sparked playful speculation about a potential switch to football. Whether he decides to trade his comedy career for football remains to be seen, but his “Messi-like” fame has undoubtedly added a new dimension to his public persona.

The charity match not only provided entertainment but also highlighted the mission of the William Troost-Ekong Foundation—to develop football in Akwa Ibom and support the next generation of Nigerian footballers. The presence of celebrities like Sabinus helped draw attention to this important cause.

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