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Sadio Mane confident of Senegalese support for Bayern Munich.

New Bayern Munich signing Sadio Mane has told Bayern’s in house media channel of how much support the club will enjoy on matchday in his country Senegal.


The 2021 AFCON Champion signed a three year deal with the German Bundesliga champions last month . A hero in Senegal for his on field succeses , Sadio Mane is also celebrated for his philanthropic disposition .


Ahead of his expected return from holiday, Mane sounded so confident that the people of Senegal will stay off work to watch him play for Bayern Munich.


He told Bayern Munich’s in house media channel ” When I play football, back home nobody goes to work. Everyone’s sitting in front of the television . ”


Sadio Mane went on to discuss the struggle he faced on his way to becoming a professional footballer ” My family never used to be happy with me because football was more important to me than school. ”


” My hometown is very small. It’s Impossible to become a professional footballer there. But I somehow had the feeling I could could make it . I followed my dream and my family realized it was pointless trying to stop me playing ” Mane recalled.


” When I made it as a professional footballer, things completely changed in a positive way. When I play, it’s almost a holiday back home . That’ll be especially here in Munich . When I play for Bayern nobody in the whole of Sengal will go to work ” Sadio Mane concluded.

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