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Sky Sports faces backlash over Ademola Lookman snub in Europa League Final coverage

Sky Sports is under heavy criticism and facing accusations of racism after allegedly failing to acknowledge Ademola Lookman’s stellar performance in Atalanta’s historic Europa League final victory over Bayer Leverkusen.

The Nigerian international was the standout player in the match, scoring a hat-trick to secure a 3-0 victory for Atalanta. His performance was pivotal in the Italian side’s triumph, marking their first major European trophy. However, Sky Sports’ post-match congratulatory graphic did not feature Lookman, sparking outrage among fans and viewers.

Nigerian fans and supporters of Lookman took to social media to express their frustration and disappointment with Sky Sports. The omission was seen by many as a blatant act of racism, with users criticizing the broadcaster for not giving Lookman the recognition he deserved.

Ademola Lookman

One user tweeted, “You guys don’t even hide it anymore. Racism without any shame!” while another questioned, “Where is Lookman in this picture?” The sentiment was echoed by others who were appalled by the exclusion of the match-winner from the graphic.

The backlash was immediate and widespread, with many accusing Sky Sports of deliberately overlooking Lookman’s contributions. “Why on earth would you not include the man that scored a hat-trick in the final to win Atalanta their first major trophy in 60 years?” one user asked. Another demanded, “His name is ADEMOLA LOOKMAN. He is from Nigeria. He plays for the Super Eagles of Nigeria. He scored all three goals. You should know better and do better.”

As the controversy continues to unfold, Sky Sports is under intense scrutiny. Many are calling for the broadcaster to address the issue and provide a satisfactory explanation for the apparent snub. The incident has reignited discussions about racial bias in sports media, highlighting the need for greater inclusivity and recognition of athletes from diverse backgrounds.

Despite the controversy, Lookman’s performance in the Europa League final stands as a testament to his skill and determination. Scoring a hat-trick in such a crucial match cements his place in Atalanta’s history and showcases his talent on an international stage.

The spotlight remains on Sky Sports as they navigate the backlash and calls for accountability. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of fair and unbiased coverage in sports media, ensuring that all athletes are recognized for their achievements regardless of their background.

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