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Super Eagles Midfielder Alex Iwobi Reveals His Favorite Nigerian Traits

Super Eagles and Fulham midfielder Alex Iwobi recently shared his love for Nigeria, highlighting the unique traits that make Nigerians stand out.

During an appearance on the KissFresh podcast, the 28-year-old player expressed his admiration for the loud and flamboyant nature of Nigerians.

Despite being born and raised in England, Iwobi has always maintained a strong connection to his Nigerian roots. This connection influenced his decision to play for the Super Eagles over England’s Three Lions.

When asked about the specific traits he loves about Nigerians, Iwobi did not hesitate to answer. “You can spot a Nigerian from a mile away,” he said. “Our mannerisms are so Nigerian, especially Yoruba people. Yoruba people are so loud, man.” He spoke glowingly about the loud and lively demeanor of Nigerians, emphasizing how it sets them apart.

Iwobi also shared his favorite aspects of Nigeria, focusing on the welcoming nature of its people. “My favorite thing about the country is that everyone is so welcoming. We look after our own, we make sure everyone is okay, it’s like one big family,” he said. He praised the sense of community and the tendency of successful individuals to give back. “Every footballer that I’m with, they always try to give back to where they come from. It’s an amazing thing; we are not just footballers; we like to bring everyone up with us; it’s so nice.”

In other news, Alex Iwobi has been named in Finidi George’s squad for the upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers against South Africa and Benin Republic on June 3rd and 7th, respectively. As the Super Eagles prepare for these crucial matches, Iwobi’s pride in his heritage and commitment to his team remain as strong as ever.

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