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Super Eagles struggle in World Cup qualifiers: Sports Minister demands answers

The Super Eagles of Nigeria are facing significant challenges in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, managing only a draw against South Africa and suffering a defeat to Benin Republic. With just three points from four games, the team finds itself in a precarious position.

Disappointing June Window

The June window of the qualifiers was particularly disappointing for the Super Eagles. Despite high expectations, they secured only one point from two matches, leaving them with a total of three points from four games.

Sports Minister Takes Action

In response to the poor performance, Sports Minister John Enoh has summoned the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to provide a detailed technical report on the team’s struggles. Enoh criticized the NFF for the dismal results, highlighting the strong support from the government and the high expectations of Nigerian football fans.

“The recent results are unacceptable,” Enoh stated. “Despite the immense support from President Tinubu and the high expectations of Nigerian football fans, the Super Eagles have underperformed.”

Accountability and Answers

The Sports Minister emphasised the need for accountability and transparency from the NFF, insisting that Nigerian football fans deserve explanations for the team’s underperformance. He demanded a comprehensive technical report to explain the reasons behind the poor showing and to justify why there shouldn’t be consequences for the disappointment caused to the government and the fans.

“Our supporters are passionate and devoted,” Enoh added. “They deserve an explanation for why our national team has not been performing to the expected standards since after the last AFCON.”

Current Standings and Future Prospects

Following the latest results, Benin Republic has moved to the top of the group, while Nigeria has dropped to fifth. The Super Eagles now face a challenging path ahead if they are to qualify for the 2026 World Cup, with crucial decisions and improvements needed in the coming matches.

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