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” That Same Jimoh Otisoro ” Celebrating A Veteran Photo Journalist At 47

Born on the 5th of April 1975, Jimoh Otisoro is a CAF/FIFA recognized photo journalist . Finding the right words to describe him is as difficult as getting him to stop covering sporting events with his Lens. For him Photo Journalism is a calling .

After taking up photo journalism upon completion of his National Youth Service Corp year in 1992 , Jimoh Otisoro has gone on to cover about 7 world Cups , 12 African Cup of Nations plus other National and international events.

At a recent event In Lagos it was even mooted that anyone who has not gone through the lens of Jimoh Otisoro from 1993 till date is not fit to sit among football Stakeholders .

Blessed with a special sense of humor wrapped into his open spirit . This explains why Jimoh Otisoro will break into all circles with his ” Sa Sa Sa ” ” Elelele ” opening chants to get his intended clients smiling before delivering his shot .

As he turns 47 today , one of his ardent supporters Nsikakabasi Akpan delivers an article that explains the role Jimoh Otisoro has played in his career. He is one of thousands who have come across ” THAT SAME JIMOH OTISORO “

Nsikakabasi Akpan✍️ ( First Published 5th April 2021)

I remember my beginning as a referee because Jimoh Otisoro was there to capture the moment. Each time I look at the picture and the transformation and progress God has helped me through I pause to pay tribute to this Veteran Photo Journalist who has dedicated decades into this work he loves so much.

That Same Jimoh captured my days of little beginning when I used my Father’s Uniform to handle my first Match at the Uyo township Staduim 11years ago, Let’s not talk about my looks, God has been faithful .

Nsikakabasi Akpan at his first match at the Uyo township stadium in 2010. Photo credit: Jimoh Otisoro

That same Otisoro Was there as I grew up in size, rank and was never tired of ensuring each step is covered. You will say he was doing his job , but I’ll tell you it’s deeper, I never got to pay anything for the Photos then cos as a boy I had no money. For him it’s the job first. He is always smiling.

Nsikakabasi Akpan in a FA Cup clash at the Nest of Champions. Photo credit: Jimoh Otisoro.

That Same Jimoh Otisoro has captured and ensured the amazing sporting moments of thousands of sports men and women since 1992 till date are Saved in the sands of time.

That same Otisoro has evolved with the times, from analog to digital lens , from Paper and print images to our present ” Send my Soft copy on WhatsApp mode”.

That same Otisoro has withstood the Sunny days, the rainfalls and the biting economic challenges of living and working with sports men and women who love pictures but sing the “Mkpo Ibaha song” ( No money to pay song)  when it’s time to pay.

That Same Jimoh Otisoro is +1 today and is a model example of Consistency, passion and dedication to ones chosen path.

Since I was born and now I am getting old, I have not seen a man so Committed to his Vocation like Jimoh Otisoro .

Cheers to more Fruitful Years ahead sir.”

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