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” This Is what happens when you insult your Elders ” Nigerian man gives ‘STRANGE’ reason for Victor Osihmen and Napoli Capitulation Vs Empoli .

Napoli leading 2-0 against Empoli until 79 minute and still lost the game conceding thrice in 11 minutes to fall 3-2 . A costly capitulation that ends their hopes of a Serie A title win. A Nigerian man has offered a new and ‘Strange’ reason for the defeat.

Replying to a post of that match on Sportsration Sports page on Facebook where fans gave sporting explanations for the capitulation Simeon Clement offered a different perspective when he wrote ” This Is what happens when you insults your Elders. Victor should respect his seniors “.

A message which points to the ” Agbaya ” comment Victor Osihmen cast on Ex Nigerian International Victor Ikpeba. The comment drew reactions from other Facebook users who rebuked the reason offered by @SimeonClement. @iamAkandeJohn asked if all other Napoli players and coaches insulted their Elders too.

A strange response to a strange game where title chasing Napoli hit a strange low in a game they should have seen out to keep tabs on the Milan duo. Failure caused the following..

❌ Losing to Empoli without a win in their last 17 games.Empoli last win was in January against Napoli

❌ Empoli did a Serie A double against Napoli

❌Scudetto chase finally ended for Napoli

❌Napoli lost a game in Serie A after leading by two goals for the first time since 22 March 1942

❌Empoli are the third team in all of Serie A history to win a game, once down by two goals after 79 minutes of play.

Well , Manchester United Goalkeeper spoke of “Curses” in football when he tried to explain reasons for the Red devil’s poor form .

The Spanish shot stopper famously said ” I don’t know if someone put a curse on us (Manchester United) or Something. The truth is I don’t know what is going on. I really don’t .

The Victor Osihmen and Napoli case looks more like the case of a team that lost concentration at a key moment of a very crucial game.

What do you think?

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