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Three Of The Numerous Challenges Manchester United New Manager Erik Ten Hag Will Face

Making the move from Ajax to Manchester United is a big move . No disrespect to Ajax but coaching at Manchester United is another level with the pressure of winning on all fronts.

Celebrated as the Messiah to lead the club out of Famine following official announcement of his appointment today , Erik Ten Hag has expressed his delight at the opportunity to manage a top club like Manchester United.

To arrive in this time when the club is struggling and the winning mentality fading or to be blunt with the performances ‘Dead’ , Erik Ten Hag Will Face this three challenges amongst others in his bid to turn the fortunes at the Club.


Except Manchester United produce very special results which must be complemented by a dip in form for Arsenal and Tottenham to Nick a top four finish, Erik Ten Hag Will have to face the effects of a year without UEFA Champions League football.

Attracting the right kind of players needed for the new era will be a problem and with the expected exodus of Players, Erik Ten Hag Will need to refine his own tools or watch the standard sink further under his watch.


The Fans at Manchester United have gone through so much already . Tuesday’s 4-0 spanking by Liverpool drew reactions from fans and players who all agreed the levels had sunk to it’s lowest.

What the fans will want is instant impact to take their beloved club back to it’s pride of place as Giants in the English Premier League and even in the committee of clubs in Europe.

The patience bank has been used up by the projects promised by David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal, Jose Mourinho, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer pressing down to the interim Gen Gen Pressing of Ralph Ragnick .

What the fans need is an Erik Ten Hag who will take them back to the Glory Glory Manchester United days of Sir Alex Ferguson. In the thoughts of Nsikakabasi Akpan ” That itself is a Problem “.


Successive Manchester United managers in the last decade have struggled and failed to satisfy Manchester United fans spoilt in thoughts by the Successes of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.

Erik Ten Hag Will not be an exception unless he successfully and Consistently too leads United to Glory . The comparison with the Scottish great has always hurt the efforts of past United gaffers after him.

One fact is, it will be difficult to recreate those years under present competing factors like intensed rivalry, limited time to build on unlike the luxury Sir Alex Ferguson enjoyed during his wobbling and fumbling early years and the high expectations from many years of Consistent competition at the highest level which has brought about one of the most decorated histories in Club football.

And So On…

Do you think Erik Ten Hag is adequately prepared for this Manchester United Challenge ?

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