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UCL: Real reason City lost. ‘ Real Madrid Played with 12 men for 17 minutes ‘

When Riyad Mahrez scored for City in the 73rd minute of the UEFA champions league semi final clash , a 12th man entered the fray at the Santiago Bernabeu to give Real Madrid an additional man advantage. The real reason why City lost .

Immediately Mahrez scored that goal, the camera’s flashed at this additional man. Yours faithfully like few other keen observers acknowledged the entry of this key player but first let’s look at the trending reason for the City loss.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is trending for his decision to substitute Algerian winger Riyad Mahrez but this is nothing compared to the impact of playing against a team with 12 men.

The accused one ” Pep Guardiola “

The Madrid Fans!!!!!

Scenes outside the Santiago Bernabeu after the game.

When an opponent scores a goal with 17 minutes to the end of a game of that magnitude fans will certainly be the first to give up. But on Wednesday night, the reaction of a section of the crowd displayed on the screen was special.

In that moment the camera showed in quick succession, Mahrez Celebrating with his City teammates, Casemiro with a frustrated look and a section of Madrid Fans clapping and cheering their players on.

This fans entered the fray from this point. For 17 minutes it was a spirited Real Madrid 12 in action. The same spirit that pushed the team past PSG and Chelsea arrived on the turf to inspire a Rodrygo double in 2 minutes to turn the tie on its head and send the match into extra time.

Brazilian Youngster Rodrygo Celebrating his second goal of the night.

The turnaround was complete in the first half of extra time when Karim Benzema converted from 18yards to give Madrid a 3-1 lead and 6-5 advantage to send Madrid through to the final in Paris.

Madrid fans were special, footballers are naturally emotional and pick inspiration from the messages from the bench and the reaction of the fans , no wonder football suffered during the lockdown of the ” COVID-19 ” era.

Manchester City’s dominance was overshadowed by the cheers of Madrid faithfuls who refuelled the energies of their players to a magical win on Wednesday night.

For the final against Liverpool , there will be no additional man advantage for Real Madrid. Liverpool fans are popular too for never allowing their players walk alone with their voiceforous chants from the stands.

That will be a story for another day!!!!!

Take this home. Playing the second leg of the Knockout round of the UEFA Champions League has been key for Real Madrid this season. Take Pep Guardiola Off your guilt table, the Madrid Fans are the Real reasons why City lost.



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