Verstappen Reflects on Dominant Season: Seeks Improvement for Red Bull in 2024

After wrapping up Formula One’s most dominant season, Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team are already eyeing opportunities for improvement.

The triple world champion, who claimed a record 19 victories in the 2023 season, including an extraordinary 10 consecutive wins, acknowledged the success but emphasized the ongoing pursuit of excellence.

In a conversation with reporters ahead of the FIA prizegiving gala in Baku, Verstappen expressed his satisfaction with the enjoyable season and set his sights on maintaining momentum in 2024, with an emphasis on personal and team growth.

“Realistically, of course, it can’t be much better than what we have achieved, but I think it’s not always about trying to win 20 races,” Verstappen stated. “It’s also about just trying to find improvements within yourself, within the car, and if that means we have improved the car and can fight for the championship again but only win 10 races, that’s also fine. There are always things that we can do better, we know that.”

Verstappen highlighted the team’s focus on refining both driver and car performance, acknowledging areas where improvements can be made despite the remarkable dominance displayed in the previous season.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner echoed Verstappen’s sentiments, emphasizing the team’s continuous pursuit of perfection while acknowledging the likelihood of increased competition in the upcoming season.

“I doubt we will be able to achieve again, statistically, what we’ve done this year,” said Horner. He commended Verstappen’s consistency throughout the extraordinary year and emphasized the ongoing learning process in Formula One.

“You’re always learning in this business. We know the field will converge; we’ve seen that at different points during the course of the past year. We have to improve, we have to keep evolving.”

As Red Bull reflects on a season of unparalleled success, the team remains committed to pushing boundaries and embracing the challenges that come with staying at the forefront of Formula One competition.

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