VIDEO: Sotoca’s Audacious Chip Puts Onana in the Spotlight

, but Manchester United Prevail 3-1 against RC Lens

RC Lens striker Florian Sotoca made headlines with an audacious chip against the talented Andre Onana, but it was Manchester United who emerged victorious with a 3-1 win.

Onana’s Style and Sotoca’s Exploitation

Dubbed a “new school goalie,” Andre Onana’s impressive ability to help his team play from the back and act as a sweeper has garnered praise and benefited his teams in numerous matches. However, Sotoca cleverly exploited this style during the game, spotting an opportunity when Onana ventured out of his goal. With precision and finesse, Sotoca lofted the ball from his own half and watched it sail effortlessly into the net, separating the teams at half-time.

Manchester United’s Second-Half Surge

Despite the setback, Manchester United displayed their resilience and quality in the second half, going on to score three goals to seal a 3-1 victory. The dynamic trio of Marcus Rashford, Casemiro, and Anthony proved too much for RC Lens’ defense, showcasing the attacking prowess of the English side.

Onana’s Overall Performance

While the chip may have stolen the headlines, it’s important to acknowledge Andre Onana’s commendable performance throughout the game. The Cameroonian goalkeeper demonstrated his skill and acumen with a remarkable 6 saves, keeping his team in contention even amidst the attacking onslaught from Manchester United. Furthermore, his ball distribution was impressive, boasting an 87% pass accuracy and completing 45 passes.

Promising Numbers from Onana

Onana’s stats reflect his versatility and impact on the match. Completing 8 out of 14 long passes, he showcased his ability to initiate plays from deep positions and launch attacks from the back. Additionally, his crucial clearance from outside the box demonstrated his willingness to act as a sweeper, further highlighting the diversity of his talents.

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