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What Olympians from Nigeria earn compared to other countries

For their feats at the ongoing Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, Ese Brume and Blessing Oborududu are two of the famous names in Nigeria at the moment.

The Long Jumper and Weightlifter have brought great smile to the faces of many Nigerians after their heroics in their events at the games.

Both athletes were reportedly rewarded with cash gifts for their efforts with Ese Brume who won Bronze given $7,500 while Blessing Oborududu the Silver medallist handed $10,000.

According to the news coming from Tokyo, any Nigerian athlete who wins a GOLD medal in their event, will receive a cash prize of $15,000. While a Silver medal gets 10,000 and Bronze $7,500.

But how much does this cash gift rates compared to what athletes from other countries are earning.

Olympic medal bonuses

Here’s how much money athletes get for finishing on the podium.

A table showing how much athletes in 13 countries including Nigeria earn for winning gold, silver and bronze medals at the Olympics.

Countries Gold Silver Bronze
Singapore $737,000 $369,000 $184,000
Kazakhstan $250,000 $150,000 $75,000
Malaysia $236,000 $71,000 $24,000
Italy $213,000 $107,000 $71,000
The Philippines $200,000 $99,000 $40,000
Hungary $168,000 $126,000 $96,000
Brazil $49,000 $29,000 $20,000
Japan $45,000 $18,000 $9,000
USA $37,500 $22,500 $15,000
South Africa $37,000 $19,000 $7,000
Canada $16,000 $12,000 $8,000
Australia $15,000 $11,000 $7,000
Nigeria $15,000 $10,000 $7,000

Note: All figures are converted to USD and rounded up to the nearest 100,000 and 10,000 where appropriate. Source: National Olympic Committees, Money Under 30.

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