Highlights of Jose Mourinho’s first press conference as Manchester United boss

Earlier today former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho held his first press conference as Manchester United boss.

He talked about many issues and still had time to take a swipe at rivals. In case you missed the presser, here are the highlights of all he said.

On becoming United manager

“It is not a dream job, it is reality as Manchester United manager but it is a job everyone wants and not many have a chance to have and I have it and I know the responsibility and the expectation.”

Jibe at Wenger

“There are some managers that the last time they won a title was 10 years ago. Some of them the last time they won a title was never. The last time I won a title was one year ago, not 10 years ago or 15 years ago so if I have a lot to prove, imagine the others.”

On promoting youth

“You know how many young players I promoted to the first team from academies? Forty-nine. Some of them are big names, they are Champions League winners in the Euros, playing for national teams. One lie repeated many times sometimes looks true but it will never be true.”

On Giggs departure

“It is not my responsibility that Ryan (Giggs) is not in the club. The job Ryan wanted is the job the club decided to give me. If one day he wants to come back to the club while I am here I would never stop him.”

On advice from Ferguson

“Bring the umbrella. The second advice was to bring my typical bottle of wine. Now we are going to have many occasions to be together. He will always be welcome to the training ground and we will have a lot of time to share our personal stuff. His opinion is important to me.”

On where Rooney will play

“Maybe he (Wayne Rooney) is not a striker, not a number nine any more but for me he will never be a number six, playing 50 metres from the goal.”

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