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Andre Onana foul vs Wolves should have been given as Penalty, see why it was not awarded

Andre Onana had a foul in stoppage time that should have been given as a penalty but was missed by on-field Referee Simon Hopper and the VAR crew because ” it was not deemed a clear and obvious foul.”

That was before the full-time whistle because after the match, Wolves received apology from the Select Group 1 Manager of the PGMOL Jonathan Moss who admitted it was a mistake.

With the scores 1-0 in the closing stages, Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana jumped to get a cross, but instead collided with two Wolves players.

A brief VAR check followed by Micheal Salisbury after the review asked referee Simon Hooper to continue play and so United went on to win 1-0.

The Premier League has now insisted it was not “a clear and obvious error”.

“It was not deemed a clear and obvious error so they (VAR Crew) stuck with the on-field decision.”


“I was told live that they didn’t think that it was a clear and obvious error,” O’Neil said. “But having spoken to Jonathan Moss, and fair play to him for coming straight out, he has apologised and said it was a blatant penalty that should have been given.

“I feel bad because he has come out honestly. I spent the afternoon with him, trying to understand the new guidelines and trying not to get myself booked with the new guidelines, which I failed to do.

“Fair play to Jon saying it was a clear and obvious error. He can’t believe the on-field referee didn’t give it and VAR didn’t intervene. That probably makes me feel even worse. Once you know you’re right, you feel worse leaving with nothing.”


“When VAR looked at it and decided not to give it, of course we are pleased with it,” Ten Hag said. “I don’t feel I have to react on his [O’Neil’s] interpretation. It’s about the referee and the VAR.

In conclusion, SportsRation correspondent Nsikakabasi Akpan adds ” This Referees are humans and so make mistakes, the live reviews come with several considerations, this explains why the some decisions are still missed despite reviews.

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