Anthony Joshua predicts Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul bout

In a recent interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, Nigerian-born boxing star Anthony Joshua shared his prediction for the highly anticipated exhibition battle between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, which has been generating significant buzz in the media.

Acknowledging the contrasting characteristics of the two fighters, Joshua weighed in on the matchup, expressing his concerns about Tyson’s age and hoping for his health and safety.

Despite Tyson’s legendary status in the sport, Joshua leaned towards Jake Paul as the potential winner due to his youth advantage.

Joshua stated, “[Tyson] is older now, I pray that he comes out healthy, I think Jake Paul [wins] because of youth, that’s the only thing.”

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

While recognizing that the matchup may not sit well with traditional boxing enthusiasts, Joshua highlighted the positive impact of influencers like Paul in attracting new audiences to the sport.

He emphasised that the increased viewership benefits everyone involved in boxing.

“But I think that [influencer] brings all these people into boxing, which benefits everyone else. Everyone viewing helps.” Anthony Joshua said.

The fight between Tyson and Paul has garnered attention not only for the unique matchup but also for being streamed live on Netflix, marking the platform’s first venture into live sports broadcasting.

Paul, who has been transitioning from YouTube to the boxing ring, recently secured a victory against Ryan Bourland, while Tyson’s last fight dates back to 2020 after retiring in 2005, making the exhibition bout a historic and intriguing event in the world of combat sport.

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