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Arteta discusses VAR and Referee meetings ahead of Brighton clash

Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, has revealed that he recently held private meetings with refereeing authorities to discuss the use of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and other aspects aimed at improving the game.

The 41-year-old emphasized that these meetings involved the defense of his opinions and a commitment to collaborative efforts in enhancing the footballing experience.

During a press conference, Arteta stated that he couldn’t disclose specific details about the private discussions but affirmed his support for constructive dialogue on improving various aspects of the game.

“It was done. I defended my opinion. I’m fully supportive of how we have to improve the game. We have the duty to do that. It’s good to discuss things in an open way.” Arterta said to the press ahead of this weekend’s fixture.

The meetings addressed matters related to the touchline, player experiences, officiating, technology, and collaboration between clubs and football authorities.

Arteta acknowledged the collective responsibility to enhance the game, emphasizing the need for a unified approach rather than separate efforts.

He highlighted the importance of open discussions for finding ways to improve the overall footballing environment.

The Arsenal manager’s discussions with refereeing bodies come in the context of recent controversies and contentious decisions, with VAR being a focal point of scrutiny.

While VAR has statistically improved the accuracy of calls in the Premier League, concerns persist about its impact on the pace of the game and the subjectivity of decision-making.

Arteta, who recently faced a misconduct charge for criticizing a refereeing decision, escaped punishment.

However, he recognized the ongoing challenges and expressed a commitment to collaborative efforts for positive change.

Arsenal is set to face Brighton in the upcoming Premier League fixture on Sunday, December 17, 2023 and Arteta’s discussions with refereeing authorities reflect a broader conversation within the football community about improving the sport’s officiating and technology implementation.

The Gunners are currently placed second in the Premier League, behind Liverpool who face Manchester United FC in the biggest fixture of the weekend.

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