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Ashleigh Plumptre ends Manchester United transfer links as she confirms move out of England

Super Falcons defender Ashleigh Plumptre has ended links to Manchester United FC with confirmation she has signed for a club outside England.

Plumptre has been a free agent since her contract expired at Leicester City in June 2023.

Following a superb performance with Nigeria at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Plumptre was heavily linked to Manchester United Women’s team but all that ends with the confirmation she is leaving England.

Plumptre told Eagles tracker ”  I am actually going abroad. I guess some people don’t think that because there’s been a lot of rumors.

” I cannot reveal the team yet because it has not been announced.

” The team I’m going to is the same thing I kind of just spoke about in terms of my reason for playing for Nigeria.

” I wasn’t interested in the team initially. When my dad brought it up to me I was like no I don’t have interest in going genuinely. And then I had a call with the coach and we spoke about the things I just said.

” We spoke about more than football, the things that we want to do in football, the impact I want to have, and the connections that I want to make. Where I’m going completely aligns with who I am. It will be difficult but I’m excited.”

After starring for Leicester City ladies in the WSL, a new journey will begin for the Nigerian defender in the 2023/2024 season. This will take her away from her family (In England) , one she acknowledges is a ” big thing”.

Plumptre added ” Making the trip to play abroad again, be away from family is obviously a big thing but I have a lot of fire in my belly about what I want to do with the people that I believe in like my coaches.

” I love her, I think she’s incredible and I can’t wait to play for her and meet my teammates who I have never met before. ” she concluded.

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