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Barcelona salary cap cut to €270m while Real Madrid get €727m

Barcelona have seen their salary cap for the 2023/24 season reduced to €270,265,000 by The Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional also known as LALIGA.

The governing body responsible for administering the two professional football leagues in Spain have released the salary caps for teams playing in Spanish club football leagues.

Surprisingly, the reigning champions, Barcelona have their cap dropped to €270,265,000 while their rivals, Real Madrid got €727,451,000.

In fact, Real Madrid salary cap is more than Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Villarreal’s combined.

La Liga Salary Cap

1. Real Madrid — €727,451,000
2. Atletico Madrid — €296,357,000
3. FC Barcelona — €270,265,000
4. Sevilla – €168,720,000
5. Villarreal – €143,918,000
6. Real Sociedad – €124,749,000

Currently, Real Madrid have only used €485m out of their €727m cap while Barcelona have already used up their €270m cap and would not be able to sign new players this January.

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