Bernie Ecclestone: ‘F1 risks being destroyed by stranglehold’

Formula 1 commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone has claimed that the sport could be destroyed if Mercedes and Ferrari’s stranglehold on rule-making is allowed to continue.

The 85-year-old believes that the duo’s attempts to block proposed changes, designed to make F1 more competitive, is putting the industry’s future at risk. Ecclestone is desperate to alter certain legislations “regarding a number of pressing issues in F1”, which largely concerns governance and cost reduction. As the bitter fight for control of F1 continues, he told BBC Sport:

“We’re trying to save the sport and these people (Mercedes and Ferrari) are trying to save it for their own good. “There is all sorts of things we know we can do and should do to make F1 back on the road where it should be, because we are in show business.

“We are there to entertain the public. We are not there to put on a show for Mercedes to demonstrate and sell their cars. Or Ferrari.”

Mercedes and Ferrari dominated the podium in 11 of the 19 races to take place during the 2015 season.

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