Carragher warns Arsenal against making ‘Luiz mistake’ because of Saliba

Jamie Carragher has warned Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta against making a mistake he would regret over David Luiz contract situation.

David Luiz who joined Arsenal from rival club Chelsea on a-year-deal for £8m has a few days left on his contract and as it stands, Arteta is willing to let him go.

But Liverpool legend said letting former Benfica defender leave at the end of this campaign could hurt Arsenal.

Carragher, who himself was a defender said David Luiz may not be an ideal defender but he brings a lot of qualities which Arsenal defence would need.

Arsenal’s decision not triggering a-year-clause on his contract could be due to the eminent arrival of William Saliba from Saint-Etienne but Carragher believes the 19-year-old needs the experience of David Luiz to be able to to become a better player.

‘It’s been entertaining,’ Carragher told Sky Sports of Luiz’s time in the Premier League.

‘I think that’s the first thing you’d say, maybe that’s not something you’d not want to be described as as a defender.

‘Hes not going to change when he went to Arsenal, no manager is going to change David Luiz.

‘He’s had success through his career, hes went for big money, he’s got some great qualities.

‘I think of him at his best in being in the middle of a back three with [Antonio] Conte in the year they won the title, I think that was the best position for him, I think Conte got the best out of him, we saw the real big strengths of David Luiz.

‘We know about him technically, but he is a leader in some senses as well, he’s got a huge frame, he’s a real physical presence as well.

‘I think actually being in the middle of that back three with real defenders either side of him, Gary Cahill and Cesar Azpilicueta, I think really saw the best of him. That’s how I certainly remember him.

‘At times we know he can lack concentration, make poor decisions and that’s cost certain teams. I think that’s why he’s always moved on in his career.

‘I think a manager feels he can get the best out of him, he’s got some great qualities, but when you’d got him for a year or two you think, “no, I can’t put up with the other stuff that he brings to the club as well”, and maybe that’s what Arteta’s seen.

‘I do know Arsenal are really excited by the prospect of Saliba coming in from Saint-Etienne. But he’s only 19 so you’d still think they need a little bit more experience in that position. I do know the club are very excited about him coming in.

‘To be honest it’s no surprise to me that they won’t be renewing David Luiz’s contract.’

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