Crystal Palace Vs Man United: Premier League to test head-mounted camera for Referees

Referee Jarred Gillett is set to take on a unique challenge during the upcoming Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Manchester United on Monday.

He will be wearing a head-mounted camera, offering viewers an unprecedented perspective into the world of top-flight referees in England.

This initiative, supported by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the Premier League, Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), and the participating clubs, aims to provide insight into the challenges and pressures faced by referees during intense matches.

Referees head-mounted camera

The one-off trial will integrate the camera seamlessly into the standard referee communication system used for major fixtures, ensuring minimal disruption to the game.

By offering this innovative perspective, the initiative seeks to illuminate the complexities of officiating in the Premier League, providing valuable insights for fans, players, and aspiring referees alike.

“We would like to thank Crystal Palace and Manchester United for their support with this project,” stated the Premier League in a recent announcement.

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