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Historic Serie A match marred by controversial VAR decision despite All-Female Referee team

In a groundbreaking moment for Italian football, the Serie A clash between Inter and Torino witnessed a historic first – an all-female refereeing team taking charge. Led by referee Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi, assisted by Francesca Di Monte and Tiziana Trasciatti, the milestone marked a significant step towards gender inclusivity in the sport.

However, the celebratory atmosphere was overshadowed by a controversial incident involving the Video Assistant Referee (VAR). Despite Ferrieri Caputi’s initial correct judgment on Adrien Tameze’s challenge on Henrikh Mkhitaryan, which warranted a yellow card, the intervention of male officials in the VAR booth altered the course of the game.

Aleandro Di Paolo and Gianluca Aureliano, the VAR officials, advised Ferrieri Caputi to review the incident on the monitor, leading to a change in her decision. Despite her clear view and original ruling, she was influenced to upgrade Tameze’s punishment to a red card.

The VAR intervention sparked bewilderment among refereeing experts, with Luca Marelli of DAZN expressing confusion over the decision. Marelli emphasized that the incident did not meet the criteria for a clear and obvious error or a denial of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity (DOGSO).

The incident stirred reactions on social media, with many users drawing parallels to the concept of ‘mansplaining.’ The perception of a female referee being misled by male counterparts drew criticism and highlighted the ongoing challenges faced by women in traditionally male-dominated spheres.

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