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Lagos-born Eniola Aluko makes history as first black woman to own Italian club

Lagos-born football legend Eniola Aluko has made history by becoming the first black woman to own a club in Italy.

According to trending reports, Aluko has acquired a major stake in FC Como’s female team, marking a significant milestone in her illustrious career.

Born in Lagos in 1987 to Nigerian parents, Aluko relocated to England with her family at a young age. Despite her Nigerian roots, she naturalized to England and went on to represent the English national team, earning 102 appearances and contributing to their successes in international tournaments.

Aluko’s football journey saw her excel as a winger for various clubs, including Birmingham City, Charlton Athletic, Chelsea, Atlanta Beat, and Juventus. She played a pivotal role in England’s women’s football, helping them secure bronze at the 2015 World Cup and silver at the 2009 Euros.

Retiring from active football in 2020, Aluko transitioned into diverse roles within the sport. She served as the director of women’s football at Aston Villa and later as the sporting director of Angel City. Additionally, Aluko has made appearances as a pundit, sharing her expertise and insights with audiences.

In her latest venture, Aluko has made history by joining the ownership group Mercury 13, which acquired a majority stake in FC Como. This landmark achievement makes her the first African woman to own a club in Italy, highlighting her trailblazing impact on and off the field.

FC Como Women, founded in 2020, competes in the top-flight of the Italian Serie A and plays their matches in a 3,700-capacity stadium. With Aluko’s leadership and vision, the club is poised for further growth and success in the Italian football landscape.

Eniola Aluko’s groundbreaking achievement resonates beyond football, inspiring women and minorities to pursue leadership roles in sports and beyond. Her dedication, talent, and pioneering spirit continue to leave a lasting legacy in the world of football.

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